So I have been tasked with swapping an older Cisco router with a Juniper Mx80. I have a copy of the config from the Cisco device. The Mx80 was being used before so I want to wipe it and setup with the same setting the Cisco device had. Before I do that I would like to export the config from the Mx80 so I have it just in case.

Not really familiar with Juniper so how do I export the config off the device so I have it saved locally?

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You have a few options. First, you can simply output everything to the terminal and copy/paste into a text file. For this, you would run:

show configuration | no-more for stanza formatted configuration. This is usually easier to read given you can see the hierarchy.


show configuration | display set | no-more for "set" format, which may be a bit easier to put back on to a box for some.

Alternatively, you can save the same outputs to a file on the router by using | save $filename (for example: show configuration | display set | save /var/tmp/config-backup.txt and copy it off of the device with the file copy command. Junos is actually a modified version of FreeBSD, so you can also originate the copy request from your machine as well via scp if you have IP connectivity. Dealer's choice really.


ssh user@mx-80 "show configuration | no-more" > config.txt

Will dump out the config in one command to your local file system.

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