Cisco Router Version: 16.7(3r) Cisco Packet Tracer:8.0 x64

Router(config)#interface dialer 1
Router(config-if)#ip nat?
% Unrecognized command
Router(config-if)#ip nat ?
% Unrecognized command
Router(config)#interface g0/0/0
Router(config-if)#ip nat
Router(config-if)#ip nat ?
  inside   Inside interface for address translation
  outside  Outside interface for address translation
Router(config-if)#ip nat 

NAT's not working in cisco packet tracer.I created dialer interface. and I can't define nat outside command to this interface. How do I solve this problem?


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You can’t. Packet Tracer is just a learning tool with very basic functionalities, and not everything a real device can do was built into Packet Tracer. You can try using GNS3 or Cisco VIRL instead, but your best bet is to just get your hands on a real device (maybe from eBay or Amazon) to use as a lab.

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