I have the following setup: Dell R720 Server with Esxi 6.5 running on it. On this esx, there is a pfsense-vm. The first network-adapter of this host is connected to fibre-internet with a media converter. The second adapter is connected to a LTE-router. The pfsene is connected to this adapters. If I select the fibre-connection as default IPv4-Gateway in the pfsense, I got up to 15% packet loss while pinging from the pfsense shell. After switching the gateway to LTE, there is 0% loss. If I ping my IP from the outside, I only got < 1% lost packets (7 of 2500 packages are lost). The loss already occurres if I ping the second ip-adrress traceroute gives me (the first one after my pfsense).

The gateway overview of the pfsense shows me:

Fiber (default) 185...* 185...* 3.771ms 3.06ms 19% Warning, Packetloss: 19%

The ISP says "everything is fine, the problem is your configuration".

Next week I will directly connect my notebook to the media converter and repeat the test, but at the moment, I have no physical access to this server.

What do you think? Sounds like configuration problem on pfsense, esx or broken media converter? Is there a possibility to track these lost packets?

Thank you

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guess about the configuration. Please edit your question to include the configuration.
    – Ron Maupin
    Sep 24 '21 at 10:39

As it is and with the very scarce information you provide, there's no way to tell where packets are lost.

You'll need to test the Internet link directly, with reduced complexity.

Potential points:

  • ISP
  • fiber link
  • media converter
  • cabling
  • host NIC
  • host configuration
  • VM configuration
  • guest configuration

Work your way from top to bottom and check where the problem first becomes visible. Note that host configurations and issues (2nd half of list) aren't on-topic here.

  • After directly connecting a PC to the media converter, the problem still exists (same packet loss on this PC). So the problem is on the ISP side. Media converter was replaced by a new one, had no effect.
    – Ef Ge
    Sep 29 '21 at 8:38
  • Yes, looks like an ISP issue.
    – Zac67
    Sep 29 '21 at 8:43

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