"Debug ip eigrp" command, output interpretation?

as you see in this output, it's a line from "Show ip eigrp" command, output

IP-EIGRP(Default-IP-Routing-Table:90): Int M 2297856 - 1657856 640000 SM 128256 - 256 128000

what is SM (I think it's source metric or AD, not sure!)? what is M (it must be FD, but not sure again!)?what are those numbers in front of them?

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This is an EIGRP received route advertisement and can be broken down as follows:

IP-EIGRP(90): Int M 2297856 - 1657856 640000 SM 128256 - 256 128000

Route type and advertised IP Prefix:

  • Int (Internal)

The Metric (M) is the FD:

  • M 2297856(FD) - 1657856(bandwidth) + 640000(delay)

The Source Metric (SM) is the AD:

  • SM 128256(AD) - 256(bandwidth) + 128000(delay)

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