Good folks of the Network Engineering stack! I have a question that I assume most people could answer in their sleep. To better illustrate my question, I've provided a sketch of my network below.

In essence, will the Firewall shown in red below allow traffic to the layer 3 switch ( ?

Do i need to add a static route on that transparent Firewall for traffic that originates outside of its specific network ( ?

I imagine there are two solutions.

  1. I would add a route on the transparent firewall
  2. I would define the default gateway of the PC ( as the Layer 3 switch (

Are both of these required ?

Could I get by with just one of these ?

Does anyone have any good training sites they could send me that could iron out the basics for this situation?

enter image description here

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A transparent firewall works like a switch - completely transparent to L3/IP. As such, there's no forwarding decision for IP, no routing, and no gateway(s) required.

A transparent firewall doesn't even require an IP address from the filtered network. All you (likely) need is an IP address and possibly routes for management (which should always be on a seperate network with seperate addressing).

In your scenario, the PC would use the L3 switch as (default) gateway, that is correct.

Requests for resources are off-topic here, sorry.

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