I think I've outlined the basic interface setup accurately in the diagram.

What I'm trying to do is to run a server on my laptop connected to R2 that is IP'd in the same net as an out of band network (see BDI100). This is just a lab exercise but I want to keep it separated in R1 and R2.

This is HW, not a VM.

The 'idea' is to tag the traffic from the laptop once it enters the G0/0/0 to keep it separated L2 from all other traffic.

(I should have labeled the laptops) The laptop with a console connection has a session open with R1. If I issue ping vrf Out-of-Band, I get ping replies. Same for as I ssh from the vrf on R1 to R2 (they are both ssh enabled and BDI 100 is the source-interface).

However if I try to ping BDI100 from the laptop that is connected to G0/0/0 I get no replies. As you might imagine I also can't ssh to it. When I look at the R2 counters on G0/0/0 during a ping from the laptop, I can see them increment, however I see no activity on the BDI100 interface on R2.

Can this design work? I think I'm missing something simple but just can't figure it out.

Edit: I did experiment and remove the dot1q encapsulation from that g0/0/0 interface and still had no success.


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    Why are you using BDI interfaces? You need VLAN separation across your link.
    – Ron Trunk
    Feb 12 at 13:27


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