How to reset a Default username and password of Allied Telesis AT9000/28 switch using CLI?


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I would defy the purpose - securing management access - if you could reset the credentials via console.

As it seems, AT has made no provisions to reset the password by physical reset switch either. You should contact their support.

[EDIT] There seems to be a procedure using the serial console:

  1. Connect to the router using a RS-232 cable
  2. Connect to the router via HyperTerminal
  3. Settings for HyperTerminal = 9600 - 8 - None - 1 Flow Control = None
  4. Power cycle the router and right away press the s key continuously until you see the login prompt > (Starts up with current release but no configuration)
  5. You will now have to Delete the previous manager password configuration line described below using the internal text editor. The editor is invoked with the command: EDIT filename.cfg (filename is the name of you config file) Delete the line that states: set user=manager pass=3af00c6cad11f7ab5db4467b66ce503eff priv=manager Save and exit editor by pressing the key sequence of Ctrl k x
  6. Now, type the command >restart router to reload the original configuration. The Manager password is now regenerated as "friend"


  • is there is no any solution to solve this .... via console ?
    – Emoo Khan
    Mar 14 at 8:07

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