Is there any other scenario of window size equal 0?

in my impression, if the window_size == 0, there have two cases:

1.the TCP acceptance area is full, then send window_size = 0
2.send RST package, the window_size = 0 

is there any other scenario of it?

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A receive window size of zero signals send no more data - when the receiver is busy processing, buffers are filled or simply there's no data currently required (think of video streaming).

  • Other than RST packages that actively set window size to 0, what other types of packages do that?
    – lme
    Mar 16 at 2:24
  • Usually ACK segments. Note that RST aborts a socket connection - it's usually closed by FIN (which may also set the window to 0).
    – Zac67
    Mar 16 at 6:04

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