I couldn't check the HP interface status. i've run display interface and it shows wrong parameter. See below.

XGE2/0/14            UP   1G(a)   F(a)   T  

<SW1>display interface GE2/0/14
 % Wrong parameter found at '^' position.

The switch model is A5820X-24XG-SFP+

  • Please provide the model of your switch and firmware/software version your switch is running.
    – Jesse P.
    Mar 16 at 1:57
  • model of the switch is - A5820X-24XG-SFP+
    – Gerald
    Mar 16 at 3:06
  • From what I see in the documentation, it appears that there needs to be a space between the interface type and the interface number. For example, display interface xge 2/0/14. You may also be able to try display interface ? to show a list of acceptable commands and proper syntax`.
    – Jesse P.
    Mar 16 at 3:16
  • 1
    thanks jesse, tried to used display interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 2/0/14 it worked! thanks again
    – Gerald
    Mar 16 at 3:26
  • 1
    As a general help, you can hit the ? key at any point to have the switch display the currently available options.
    – Zac67
    Mar 16 at 16:36

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The proper syntax for the command includes a space between the interface type and interface number, so the properly formatted command is:

display interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 2/0/14

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