I want to see the communities that are attached to a route when I first receive the route before it goes through the BGP import route-map. In my instance the route-map strips communities off so I cannot tell just by looking at the routes in BGP like I'd do normally. It's a live production network so I can't just modify the route-map to see it temporarily.

I've figured out how to see these in XR by looking at the received-only at the bottom of the "show bgp vrf " command. Which is a question here How to view BGP community attached to prefix in Cisco ASR routers?

I've also figured out how to do it in junos with the "show route receive-protocol bgp table .inet detail" command.

Any guidance in IOS XE is appreciated.

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To display routes that belong to specified BGP communities, use the show ip bgp community command in EXEC mode.

show ip bgp community community-number [exact]

community-number : Valid value is a community number in the range from 1 to 4294967200, or AA:NN (autonomous system-community number/2-byte number), internet, no-export, local-as, or no-advertise.

exact : (Optional) Displays only routes that have the same specified communities.

The following is sample output from the show ip bgp community command in privileged EXEC mode:

enter image description here


show ip bgp neighbor x.x.x.x received-routes is what you want. This will show you prefixes received from a given neighbor before any import policies have been applied, aka the Adj-RIB-In. However, this command will only work if you have soft-reconfiguration inbound configured for the neighbor.

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