I see on cisco ME3600x and I read in documentation as below, that "the MAC learning is not supported in point–to–point bridge domains"

Table 1 MAC Learning Actions

Scenario Action A bridge domain is created. The MAC learning is enabled by default in point–to–multipoint bridge domains. The MAC learning is not supported in point–to–point bridge domains.

But if I set e.g.:

 service instance 6 ethernet
  encapsulation dot1q 6
  rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric
  xconnect 6 encapsulation mpls
   mtu 1500

how can I check if any MAC addresses are comming from both sites? Client is asking me if I can see MAC address comming, and I can NOT really check it now.. Is there any way to check MAC addresses? If I will add it to bridge domain, then below command will show MAC addresses

show bridge-domain 


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