what are the deployment scenarios for L2TP tunnel, GRE tunnel and MPLS Tunnel (l2vpn vpws)

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I'm reluctant to answer this question because there are exceptions to just about any scenario. But here goes anyway. Generally speaking:

MPLS is commonly used when you want to isolate the data paths over a shared network infrastructure. MPLS allows for separate routing/forwarding for each isolated path. The most common scenario is a carrier offering private WAN connectivity to its customers.

L2TP is an older technology that's rapidly becoming obsolete. It is (was) used to provide layer 2 connectivity over a layer 3 network. VXLAN is probably the best replacement.

GRE, as the name implies, is a generic tunnel that can be used for L2 and L3 routing over a L3 network. A common use case is routing between sites when you don't have control over the intermediate network.

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