I'm learn JNCIS-SP chapter 1 Protocol-Independent Routing. I see a option "retain/no-retain" static route.

I understand If a route configured with option retain so that route will not remove on Forwarding table when the Routing protocol daemon will shutdown.

But what is situation for "retain" option? Because when a device is shutdown => PFE down too?

retain | Junos OS

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JunOS can preserve forwarding table states during RPD or control plane restart/reboot under certain conditions...

This is described in HA module of JNCIS-SP track. -->> Graceful Restart, GRES and NSR.

The HA module describes the behavior of Graceful Restart of Dynamic Routing Protocols rather than static routes. I suspect this might be a way to preserve that static route active in Forwarding-Table too.

I hope this is helpful.

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