I've been given the job of wiring up a small office network, and been given F/UTP CAT6 cable to work with.

Is a patch panel describing itself as "STP" compatible with this cable?

As I understand it, STP means a braided shield around unshielded twisted pairs, and F/UTP has a solid shield around unshielded twisted pairs, so to my mind they can be patched on the same equipment.

The panel under consideration is a Lindy 25882

Thanks in advance. Apologies if this is not the best stack exchange forum - corrections gratefully received.

  • Make sure the patch panel is cat 6 or you will have impedance matching issues. Check the impedance specs and as Ricky mention all the specs. I can't see the shielding itself being an issue.
    – Mark
    Sep 16, 2016 at 20:05

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What they call "STP" is "Fully Shielded" -- a per pair shield and an outer sheath shield.

"Compatible" is open to debate. If you want to maintain the panel and cable shielded specs, then no -- as the panel calls for shielded pairs. But just the cable, maybe. You'd have to look at the specs for the cable as those tend to require bonding to a shielded crimp. (or a patch panel that shields each port.)

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