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I'm very new to packet tracer (day 3) I seem to get an overlapping error message, on 0/0/0 -, I couldn't assign 0.3 to interface 0/0/1 (overlapping) so I assigned 0.3 to PC0 and tried 0.4 on E0/0/1 and still get an overlapping message... even with 0.250 it say's overlapping, have I missed something?

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Right, that's what I thought, I was able to get PC0 ( to communicate to PC2 ( but I can't get PC0 to communicate with PC1 ( on the same router, my thinking is that PC0 and PC1 being 0.1 and 1.1 is the problem, I don't see how the image 'supernets in action' can actually be recreated since I would have to edit the IP addresses.


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A router routes between subnets, so each interface needs to be part of a different subnet. and are on the very same subnet. You need to use some other subnet than

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