I opened up Packet tracer and configured SSH on a switch (2960) and logged to that switch from a PC. SSH was working. But when I see the running config, no ssh or crypto key configurations could be found in the running config. All the user name + passwords, domain name, Host name could be found.

Is that a problem only in packet tracer? If we configured SSH on a real switch / router, could we be able to view SSH configurations on running - Config ?

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    Packet Tracer is pretty bare-bones, GNS3 is probably the most realistic switch/router emulation platform. Your crypto keys should be present in your running-config.
    – Ryan Foley
    May 23, 2014 at 10:58

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Yes, I can't confirm if it's a problem in packet tracer but in my real 2960 running-config I have all the information needed.

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