I have an old 5548P that I'm trying to add to my current stack. I have an Ubiquiti ER-X that I'm trying to supply power to over PoE, but I'm not getting anything.

  • The ER-X pulls 5W, and a port on the 5548P can provide up to 15W, so it's not a supply issue.
  • I've done a complete reset and updated the firmware.
  • The ER-X powers up fine when supplied with power from the wall.
  • I've disabled per-port energy consumption conservation per the manual
  • I can see that the device appears as active in the port list as a class0 device.
  • The PoE indicator light is solid amber, meaning that power is being delivered.

I'm honestly not sure what the issue could be. Any suggestions?


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I'm dumb and didn't think of the voltage coming from the switch. An adapter is needed to transform 48V from switch to 24V.

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    I was going to say, the Ubiquiti devices often had non-standard PoE injectors that they came with or required. I'm not sure about the latest generation ones but models from a few years back commonly needed special power supply equipment. Commented Jan 10, 2023 at 3:19

Ubiquiti is very loose with the term PoE.

The ER-X uses a proprietary 24V variant (as PD and PSE). It's not compatible with IEEE PoE as provided by the PowerConnect 5548P.

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