I know there are many similar articles about how to do this, but I cant seem to get any of them to work, and I cant get any info to tell me what the problem might be. I am following this: https://www.benburwell.com/posts/intercepting-golang-tls-with-wireshark/

The SSLKEYLOGFILE is being generated and populated without issue. However, when I follow the 'Protocol Preferences'->'Transport layer security'->'(Pre)-Master-Secret log filename' step, it does not decrypt, not does it tell me what the issue is. There is also the option of entering the logfile name via Edit->Preferences->Protocols->TLS, but this also does nothing.

The handshakes should be in the file, I tried deleting it on startup, then accessing the site in question to generate the handshake, but this also did nothing.

Does anybody know a way of finding out what the problem is? Maybe some kind of log from wireshark or something? Any advice appreciated!


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