what's the reason to use trunking by using the 2 below commands:

  1. switchport trunk encap dot1q

  2. change the mode to trunk

between EtherChannel ports

the second question why to make native vlan under etherchannel interface


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(VLAN) trunking and Etherchannels are entirely different things.

VLAN trunking allows multiple VLANs to be carried by a single (logical) link. Without VLAN tagging and trunking, each VLAN would require a dedicated link between switches. Today, IEEE 801.2Q tags are commonly used to mark frames from/to individual VLANs. A single VLAN, dubbed native may remain untagged on a trunk.

Etherchannel is a Cisco-proprietary link aggregation protocol. Alternatives include IEEE LACP (802.1AX) or static aggregation without a protocol. Link aggregation allows you to combine multiple physical links to increase the available bandwidth.

Both methods may be combined to create an aggregated, trunked link.

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