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I was trying to run the following test using iperf3:

iperf3 --bidir -u -c -i 10 -b 60m -t 86400

Due to the current nature of the system I'm testing, the TX and RX throughputs are different for the bidirectional test. Is there a specific way, as to specify a different throughput for TX and RX in the iperf3 command provided above?

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iperf3 doesn't support separate target bitrates (-b) for Tx and Rx in bidirectional mode.

If you need bidirectional testing you can run two instances of iperf3, one for Tx (by default) and one Rx (-R). If separate shells don't work for you, the most practical way might be to start both instances from a batch script and redirect their respective output to separate log files.

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