• I have a SRX345 firewall that has a workstation hanging off one of its ethernet ports.
  • The workstation cannot ping the SRX reth interface, reth1.50 (its default gw) even though the ethernet port is configured as access and in vlan 50.
  • The workstation and reth1.50 are in the same subnet and security zone.
  • There is also in intrazone security policy
  • Reth1.50 has host-inbound system service ping.
  • What am I missing? Thanks in advance!
  • Please add the (sanitized) configuration to your question, as text using the editor's {} option. We cannot just guess what you did wrong.
    – Zac67
    Jun 13, 2023 at 6:48

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A reth interface on the SRX is a Layer 3 interface - that is to say that VLAN tags are only added to traffic from a reth interface as it egresses the physical port(s) you have bound it to - it does not interact with VLANs configured on the SRX in any way.

If you are just trying to provide a gateway to your workstation, create an irb interface, bind it to your VLAN and add it to the required security-zone eg:

set interfaces irb unit 50 family inet address
set vlans v50 vlan-id 50
set vlans v50 l3-interface irb.50
set security zones security-zone WORKSTATIONS interfaces irb.50

(though I would advise using a VLAN tag other than 50 since it is being used elsewhere on your network).

Alternatively, connect the workstation to a switch downstream from the SRX that the reth is connected to in VLAN 50 and it will be able to route via the reth1.50 interface.

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