Freeradius got rid of LEAP since some pointrelease of 3.2.x, and I'm stuck configuring Cisco WDS on their Aironet series.

Since forever there was a tweak with LEAP in Cisco configuration like this:

eap profile leap
 method leap
wlccp ap username office-ap1 password 0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
wlccp ap wds ip address
wlccp ap eap profile leap

which allowed the access point to get registered with WDS master. Without leap they would merely get stuck forever in AUTHENTICATED state instead of REGISTERED. The LEAP tweak was shown for me by the Cisco TAC. Now when LEAP is gone from FreeRadius I'm back to AUTHENTICATED state.

Does anyone have a working example of WDS configuration with FreeRadius ? Ive tried several approaches like

eap profile md5
 method md5
eap profile default
 method gtc
wlccp ap eap profile default

but none seems to be working.



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