We have outgrown our network. We are ready to replace the router so I thought this would be a good time to expand the network. I've configured plenty of /24 networks but never anything bigger. My first thought was to go with a Then I could do stuff like DHCP for workstations, for servers, for printers etc. I imaging this would work but I'd have most of the 3rd octet unused.

I suppose a better way to do this would be a Then I'd do DHCP for workstations, - for servers, - for printers etc. Now my hosts would only be 2*256 but still plenty of room.

Am I on the right track or way off?

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You can use any subnet from the RFC 1918 ranges -,, - with any subnetting, including,, and

I'd recommend using at most a /23 prefix - larger than that should be subnetted and routed in between (e.g. with a decent L3 switch).

While you're reorganizing your network, you should consider defining multiple security zones, each consisting of one of more IP subnets/VLANs. The router(s) in between allow you to control traffic between zones, as required by your security needs.

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