I know I can run the sh inv to view the SFPs model and Serial Numbers attached on a Cisco Switch.

Is there a way to verify the brand name of each SFP?

I have Cisco 9300 and 9606 switches.

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Yes. show interface transceiver (optional "detail")

transceiver is present
    type is 10Gbase-SR
    name is CISCO-AVAGO
    part number is [...]
    revision is B5
    serial number is [...]
    nominal bitrate is 10300 MBit/sec
    Link length supported for 50/125um OM2 fiber is 82 m
    Link length supported for 62.5/125um fiber is 26 m
    Link length supported for 50/125um OM3 fiber is 300 m
    cisco id is --
    cisco extended id number is 4
    cisco part number is 10-2415-02
    cisco product id is SFP-10G-SR
    cisco vendor id is V02
  • As I recall, you can even get a literal hex dump of the entire idprom.
    – Ricky
    Commented Jan 12 at 16:26
  • show interface transceiver Only shows me the current and dBm levels.
    – Rick151
    Commented Jan 12 at 17:09
  • sh idprom interface Does show the vendor name. Is there a way to run this command for all interfaces instead of one by one?
    – Rick151
    Commented Jan 12 at 17:17

show invetory raw and sh idprom int for the vendor name worked for me.

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