I have a Cisco C9500-48Y4C Switch, but I forgot the login credentials while configuring it, which has resulted in me being unable to access the Switch. Could you please guide me on how to reset this Switch? Alternatively, if any of you have other methods to help me log in successfully, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

  • Search for Cisco 9500 password recovery.
    – Ron Maupin
    Commented Mar 6 at 17:55

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Try these steps and I think you will get access again. At the end don't forget to set a new password again.

  1. Turn the switch off and on again. Press and hold the Mode button during boot until you see the switch: prompt.

  2. Enter these commands: switch: flash_init switch: load_helper

  3. Rename and reboot the switch: switch: rename flash:config.text flash:config.old switch: boot

  4. Enable and update the password Switch> enable Switch# configure terminal Switch(config)# enable secret NEW_PASSWORD

  5. Save the configuration: Switch# wr

Hope that helps Alexios

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