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Why did we not run out of IPv4 adresses yet? [duplicate]

I know how IP addresses work and I also understand the reasons why there is a natural limit to those addresses, as well as the solution to that problem. Officially, we have ran out of IPv4 addresses ...
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Why do we need ports with IPv6?

My understanding is there are 2^32 - 1 possible IPv4 addresses, and 2^16 - 1 possible ports. Which gives ~2^48 addresses. The additional 2^16 additional ports seem almost insignificant considering the ...
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How does the shortage of IPv4 public IPs influence existing firewalls?

I came to know recently IPv4 public IP address pools are going to be exhausted soon. If IPv6 addresses are fully in use, all device vendors like Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto have to redesign their ...
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Is the first address in an IPv6 subnet assignable?

I am working in a lab and have configured a series of /125 subnets between routers. Lets ignore the best practice for this discussion of using /64 for everything. When I assign fd00:f9a8:ffff::257 to ...
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Why are IPv6 addresses so long?

By convention, each device on the LAN under IPv6 gets a /64 subnet, right? That's an obscene number of addresses per device! Why not make the addresses shorter, say, 72 bits, then each device would ...
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Subnetting-Supernetting and Classful-Classless routing

1) Subnetting and Supernetting can both be done for private and public IP addresses? 2) Classful addresses weren't successful because of IP wasting, and that is why the 'network mask' was invented, ...
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How does NAT ensure that every machine has a unique public IP?

I am trying to understand the distinction between public and private IP addresses in IPv4 networking. The picture I've been told has some problems with it, so I would like to present it here and ask ...
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Questions about NAT

So i just started learning about NAT and networking in general. As powerful as this technology may seem, it was specifically made for reducing the amount of IPV4 addresses used throughout the internet,...
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Why is space reserved for private ip addresses?

I just read that specific ranges of IPs have been set aside to be used to private ip addressing. But if we already distinguish between public and private IPs why do we need to reserve space? Why cant ...
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IPv6 subnets without delegated prefix

I have received an IPv6 network from my provider, say it's 2001:db8:1::/48. I did not get delegated prefix from them. I would like to use the IPv6 addresses on different networks behind a firewall (...
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How does subnetting solve the problem of IPv4 address shortage?

Reading articles on the web, they all say that "subnetting solves the problem of IPv4 address shortage by dividing a large physical network into multiple smaller networks". I do not ...
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Does UDP work with NAT

I'm learning the TCP and UDP protocols and I have a question about UDP. I used C to develop a UDP server and a UDP client in my LAN and it works as expected. The server and the client could ...
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Benefits for adopting ipv6 internally?

I have googled it, but the articles dealing with the question seem to be either several years old or very general. What is the current status of ipv6 adoption in terms of usefulness? Specifically, ...
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Basic IPv4 Question

I just recently learned about IPv4 and the different classes. Let's say I have a following arbritary IP address : Now, the first octet is below 127 and thus, it tells me that this IPv4 ...
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Static NAT and PAT

I have two private IP addresses, want to make them NAT to public IP address. WAY 1 : Static NAT (2 ip addresses NATted to one by manually) WAY 2 : PAT (Router gives port number ...
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