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At wich layer "routers" work in architecture TCP-IP [duplicate]

Well, i'm studying to a test, based on the following layers: link, internet, transport and application (Architecture TCP-IP) i would like to know which layer or layers "routers" work and why it can't ...
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SSL/TLS belongs to which OSI layer [duplicate]

Can someone please explain SSL/TLS belongs to which OSI layer. I have been looking through many sites and all of them have different options of Application, Presentation and Session.
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OSI and TCP/IP: which is the relation? [duplicate]

In the "network" literature there are always explanations of this two reference models: OSI and TCP/IP. The TCP/IP conceptual model is indeed a "fact" in terms of implementation. Anyone can find the ...
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Dependency between IEEE 802 and OSI model [duplicate]

My question is focussed on IEEE 802.11x for (WLAN) and 802.15.1 (Bluetooth) Wikipedia and other sources underline, that the mentioned IEEE standards just define the PHY and MAC layer from the OSI ...
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Session layer role(with example) in OSI Model [duplicate]

Could someone provide some real world scenerios to understand the role played by session layer in OSI model. Example: Presentation Layer handles zip&unzip etc. Similarly what does session layer ...
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What is IP networking used for? Also does the application layer include the actual software? [duplicate]

I have read and learnt the fundamentals about the OSI model and its layers but just wondering is there a difference between the OSI model and IP networking or is it covered by OSI model? Bit confused ...
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What Invariants/guarantees do various layers of the OSI model provide? [duplicate]

I saw it stated in an answer to this other question What transmission service gurantees does Ethernet give? that every layer of the OSI model provides both "hard" and "soft" guarantees to the layer ...
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how OSI and TCP/IP layers work? [duplicate]

I am really confused by how the layers these model work. I'm not asking about what are their functions. I read that transport layer provides end-to-end of all packet delivery, and networking also ...
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Can refer a detailed low level explaination of the OSI model at operating system level? [duplicate]

I understand the function of each layer in OSI model but I can not comprehend the inner working at the operating system level. I can't mentally picture the life cycle of data from application layer to ...
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What is the goal of the OSI model? [duplicate]

I'm currently learning about the OSI model, trying to understand exactly what it is and what is the purpose behind it. The Wikipedia page says: The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) is a ...
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Understanding Layer Model motivation and how it works [duplicate]

Clarification: I already read the answers in OSI Models and Networking Protocols Relantionships question, and doest not resolve my doubts. Good day, I have been studying and reading an introduction to ...
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Is OSI model merely used for troubleshooting purpose? [duplicate]

I'm a student and recently started understanding OSI model, from what I understand is that OSI model is just theoretical and not really used in real world. It's mainly for troubleshooting purpose. I'...
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Does the OSI model apply anywhere else other than computer networking? [duplicate]

I try to understand the OSI model, more about why it was created and what exactly it tries to achieve. The Wikipedia page says: The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) is a conceptual ...
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How does each OSI layer get to know the information [duplicate]

This might sound dumb but how do each layer get the information? To give a context, Lets say I enter, the browser sends a request to the Application layer and then the HTTPs request is ...
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What layer of the OSI model deals with ports?

I've read that the session layer is also called the ports layer, and a CBT nugget video implied ports were a layer 5 thing. I always thought they were layer 4, just because I guess. (well and tcp ...
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