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What layer of the OSI model deals with ports?

I've read that the session layer is also called the ports layer, and a CBT nugget video implied ports were a layer 5 thing. I always thought they were layer 4, just because I guess. (well and tcp ...
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OSI layer of Neighbor Discovery Protocol

NDP operates using ICMPv6 and, even though ICMPv6 messages are encapsulated in payload field of IPv6 datagram, ICMPv6 and ICMP are usually considered as network layer protocols. At least, on Wikipedia ...
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How to know at what OSI Layer(s) does a firewall operate

I understand that Firewalls may operate on different OSI layers depends on the firewall itself. but how can I know if I install specific firewall at what OSI Layer(s) it does operate ?
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Which layer does modem operate and are they still used?

I was searching this for quite long time but I haven't found any satisfying result so my question is basically that, if I understand correctly how modems work and when they are used. I have some more ...
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SSL/TLS belongs to which OSI layer [duplicate]

Can someone please explain SSL/TLS belongs to which OSI layer. I have been looking through many sites and all of them have different options of Application, Presentation and Session.
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Why is the OSI model used to describe real-world networks?

OSI is a theoretical model, so why are its concepts used to describe real-world networks?
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At wich layer "routers" work in architecture TCP-IP [duplicate]

Well, i'm studying to a test, based on the following layers: link, internet, transport and application (Architecture TCP-IP) i would like to know which layer or layers "routers" work and why it can't ...
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OSI Model vs Network Model: Does It Matter Which One You Use?

The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model is comprised of the following layers: 7. Application Layer 6. Presentation Layer 5. Session Layer 4. Transport Layer 3. Network Layer 2. Data Link ...
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What is purpose of router?

According to OSI reference model layers communicate with lower layer to transmit information on to other network. So they add header and tail for data and pass it on to lower layer and finally passed ...
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Is application protocol a subset of TCP?

My question is related to a concept that really confused me while reading an introduction to network related topics. What is the distinction between application protocol and TCP, exactly? What I don't ...
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Regarding Encapsulation in OSI layer

The term encapsulation generally signifies the below in terms of OSI model as described clearly here "Each “function” (broadly speaking) encapsulates the layer(s) above it. The network layer ...
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CSMA/CD - physical layer or MAC data link layer (software) implementation

Autonegotiation works at physical layer. Autonegotiation negotiates speed and duplex. CSMA/CD is actually physical layer or MAC data link layer (software) implementation? If autonegotiation is ...
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Do OSI and TCP/IP models use the same protocols?

OSI is known for using hundreds of protocols to do its job. Both OSI and TCP/IP have Transport and Network(Internet) layers where TCP and IP protocols work respectively. It is clear that TCP/IP model ...
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OSI and TCP/IP: which is the relation? [duplicate]

In the "network" literature there are always explanations of this two reference models: OSI and TCP/IP. The TCP/IP conceptual model is indeed a "fact" in terms of implementation. Anyone can find the ...
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Why are the computer systems in the OSI model called "open systems"?

It might be a silly question, however, why are the computer systems in the X.200 model, OSI, called open systems? Note that I've read that open system is defined as "the representation within the ...
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