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A networking hardware device that allows a Wi-Fi compliant device to connect to a wired network.

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Cisco AIR-AP1852i-E-K9 stuck in "waiting for uplink[...]" after startup

I pulled an old cisco AP from a shelf today at work to test something, and after starting up and connecting with PUTTy, i was greeted with (after startup), this - repeating over and over: [*02/16/...
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MU-MIMO with spatially separated antennas

Assume a MU-MIMO capable wifi access point with two external antennas. The antennas are placed in two different locations. It's not possible for a wifi signal to reach (via air) from one location to ...
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Access point MAC addresses shows up in Floorplan deployment instead of the access point names

I have about 5 Aruba access points assigned to a site called storage that I have configured in the mobility conductor to have names based on the rooms they are placed in. When these are later on going ...
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In wireless networks, how do Service Sets and Basic Service Sets relate to each other, if they do?

I am beginning to learn about networks and wireless networks, specifically, and am having trouble grasping how do Service Sets and Basic Service Sets relate to each other, if they do. Are Basic ...
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Set up multiple WAP4410N AP with same SSID

We are facing a WiFi connection issue in the prod environment at client place (a big hall, around 200ft x 150ft). Details: Environment: 4 Cisco WAP4410N Access points mounted on the pillars in the ...