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Are multiple clients on a single AP limited to the same constellation

My question is quite simple. If I have multiple clients connected to the same radio on the same AP, is each client confined to the lowest modulation/carrier size of the weakest client? So if I have 12 ...
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Destination address in wifi frame for a host in a different network

I have couple of questions/doubts which I would like to get some advise on. Question#1 Suppose a STA A in infrastructure mode wants to send data to an exterior host (STA B), residing in different ...
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2 votes
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Lightweight Access Point - trunk port or not

While learning wireless for cisco, I came across two seemingly contradictory (at least to me) claims regarding LWAPS and whether they should be trunked or not. In the OCG for the CCNA: Also, notice ...
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WiFi AP mode. Is AP bradcasting SSID all the time or when it receives the request from the station

WiFi AP mode. Is AP bradcasting SSID all the time or only when it receives the request from the station? I cant find the answer and maybe someone of you guys know the answer.
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WLC <-> AP CAPWAP communications and ports

According to this document, you need to open UDP 1024 - 65535 between WLC (source) and APs (dest). And it's correct - I can see these sessions getting dropped on my firewall since I didn't open those ...
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