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For questions about or involving the Cisco ASR router series.

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Enabling interface TenGigE0/0/2/0 pls help

I'm trying to enable just one SFP+ port for testing a 10gbit NIC. I cannot, however, for the life of me find how to enable a port. To me, it would make sense to conf t interfaces TenGigE0/0/2/0 admin ...
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Import Embedded Packet Capture output into Wireshark

I did packet capturing with cisco's Embedded Packet Capture and I would like to view the output in Wireshark. The problem is that I only have CLI access to the device, so exporting via TFTP is not an ...
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implementing broadcast traffic restriction

Can we restrict the high broadcast traffic from interface in Cisco ASR9k and 7600 routers? If so, what configuration we should apply?
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how to factory reset ASR 1001-X

So I was setting up/testing this router. While using auto-secure during the auto-configuration. {Router#setup...} Once I get through auto setup and reloaded. I was not able to login. I did some ...
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Method to rename the existing BGP peer group

In Cisco ASR router, do we have any method to rename the existing peer group without removing and recreating it?
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L3 and L2 interfaces in ACL

What is L3 and L2 interfaces in ACL feature and why ethernet access-lists will not support L3 interfaces
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Edit BGP on IOS XE3

i need to edit my BGP Running , and add more Neighbor but when try this FiberISP-Cisco(config)#router bgp 203725 BGP is already running; AS is 203735 FiberISP-Cisco(config)# how to edit and add ...
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Regex for cisco acl

Did anyone come across any regex that can be used in cisco acl to fetch what is the last permit statement in an ACL? I have almost 5k ACL permit lines and few deny statements in the end, so everytime ...
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Cisco ASR1006 ESP40 high CPU utilization

We have ASR1006 with ASR1000-ESP40 and it seems strange on our SNMP monitoring its showing Max CPU utilization 70% and avg 35% but when i check on command line numbers are totally different, what is ...
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