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Questions tagged [azure]

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Accessing external server through Azure VPN with NAT

I have three sites and an external server ( that are connecting to Azure via IPsec tunnels. I do not control the network at the external service but they have given me an address block of ...
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Accessing a REST API from behind a firewall: whitelist the API's outbound IP addresses?

We have two applications. One application exists behind an on-premise site's firewall. It communicates with our second application, a service app that operates a REST API in the Azure cloud. My ...
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Routing in Azure subnet to on-premise and out vpn-tunnel

We are trying to establish a connection from Azure VNET( over S2S VPN Tunnel (VpnGw1) to on-premise network ( and then out through sonic wall to second VPN Tunnel to ...
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Route traffic from firewall tunnel interface to server in Azure [closed]

Situation: On premise is a NAS that users access for file storage. Their AD server for authentication and GPO resides in Azure and is connected with a LAN to LAN VPN. For remote workers, they have a ...
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