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Questions tagged [ber]

For questions about the bit error rate (BER), where it is the number of bit errors per unit time.

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1 answer

iSCSI silent data corruption

I came across an interesting table with estimations of silent data corruption rate for different interfaces. SAS shows the best result when the built-in integrity control (DIF) is enabled: Interface ...
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Should Bit Errors Cause Loss Proportional To PDU Size?

Should I expect random (or even regularly-occurring) bit errors to cause corrupted/dropped PDUs (packets) proportionate to the PDU size ? Troubleshooting high (0.01% to 0.1%) packet loss over a short (...
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Does increasing the FEC decreases the payload in the maximum packet size?

we can find the maximum packet size by the formula packet err rate = 1 - (1 - bit err rate)^(max packet size) so does this max packet size include the FEC bits? I assume this formula gives the max ...
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Emulate Ethernet frame loss for testing purposes [closed]

Maybe I am missing something rather basic, but I don't know so I figured I would ask. In terms of testing, how sensitive various TDMoE are to BER and packet delay, I am looking into how to simulate ...
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9 votes
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How sensitive is TDMoE to BER?

We are currently looking at connecting two Asterisk servers across a Metro Ethernet. This leads to a couple of questions I haven't been able to find answers to elsewhere. The first involves bit ...
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