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For questions about the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) using IPv6. For instance, you are changing from IPv4 to IPv6 on your ISP and therefore need to reconfigure your BGP to fit the new setup.

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Why are BGP tables suddenly filled with IPv4 routes?

According to article I looked at, bgp routing tables are approaching a maximum size and this is linked to IPv4 exhaustion. Why is this problematic and what is the cause? Will this be a problem with ...
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How to block advertisement of a prefixes recieved from 1 BGP neighbor to another

I have a eBGP topology as follows: RTR1 ------ DUT ------ RTR2 (AS100) (AS200) (AS300) I do not want any routes sent by RTR1 to be advertised into RTR2 by DUT I do not know what exactly the ...
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exabgp heathcheck session bgp

I've been trying to use exabgp. I know how to to issue command to the exabgp however i struggle to find whole list of commands the application accepts. With that I can't find a way to receive ...
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Using IPv6 for multihome ISP eBGP peering due to IPv4 public /24s no longer available

Problem: I have two routers, and two separate ISPs (two different public ASNs). I wish to accept full BGP routes in order for us to properly set up true reliable ISP failover in a way that allows ...
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Prevent some BGP prefixes from entering the RIB

I would like to know if it's possible to prevent some BGP prefixes from entering the RIB. I'm receiving full internet routes from 2 ISPs, and I'm getting duplicate paths in BGP table, but only the ...
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BGP Implicit Withdrawal

Below is definition of Implicit Withdrawal by Wang et al. in the "Observation and Analysis of BGP Behavior under Stress" paper. What I am not getting is how do I count implicit withdrawals? If for ...
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IPv6 BGP peering via link-local addresses

I'm planning to run BGP with my upstream provider and advertise our global IPv6 prefixes. I'd like to use only link-local addresses between the ISP's router and my border router to make the border ...
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BGP authentication-key-chain vs. authentication-key

I found a neat little behavior on a Juniper box I was working with today. We were migrating from a Cisco ASR to an MX and all of our internet exchange peers that had authentication configured didn't ...
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How to interpret MP_REACH_NLRI attribute with address length of 32 bytes contained in a MRT Dump

While parsing an TABLE_DUMP_V2 RIB_IPV6_UNICAST entry I encountered this binary sequence representing a MP_REACH_NLRI BGP Path Attribute: 80 E 26 0 2 1 20 20 1 5 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 A5 1 30 30 0 1 FE 80 0 ...
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In BGP What is an AS-segment? How is it different from an AS-path?

Can a single NLRI have more than one AS-Segment in an AS-path? Is AS-segment same as a AS-Number in a AS-path ?
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Locating a single IPv6 or IPv4 routable prefix at multiple data centers

Academic question (at the moment): Is it possible to advertise BGP routes to a given prefix (IPv6 and/or IPv4) from multiple different physical data centers? I guess this is multi-homing, but ...
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How does multihoming work with ipv6?

What are the differences between multihoming in IPv4 versus IPv6? Can an enterprise request a provider-independent IPv6 address space from its RIR/LIR which can be advertised to multiple upstream ...
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ASR1K feature licensing navigation

I'm looking at deploying a pair of ASR1001 units at the WAN edge to support 2x IP Transit and 1x Peering services. I need to do IPV4 and IPV6 eBGP and iBGP to advertise the peering routes into the ...
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address-family ipv6 on Cisco 3560G

Is anyone aware of an IOS version for the C3560G that supports configuring a neighbor to exchange IPv6 routes? Apparently 12.2(37)SE Advanced IP Services can't do it - as soon as you try to activate ...
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