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BGP is Border Gateway Protocol, used on the internet both inside of and in between networks.

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BGP - source routing breaking for some routes

I have two routers (A and B), both are Juniper j2320s. Each one has 3 BGP peers, a primary to one preferred AS (call them AS 1) and two to a secondary (AS 2), as well as an IBGP session between them. ...
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Problem with BGP aggregate-address behavior in IOS when a large number of OSPF routes update all at once

We have a Direct Connect setup to AWS using BGP. We are running a ISR4451 with IOS XE 16.03.06. I have a strange situation where the AWS BGP neighbor drops our connection with the notification: ...
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How to redistribute BGP routes learned from AWS in one VR into another BGP running in another VR in Palo Alto firewall?

I have about 1000+ prefixes I am learning from AWS on Palo Alto through a BGP. This is on the secondary VR. Main VR is where my core routing is situated along with another BGP instance pointing to ...
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ip routing preference problem

On my Huawei CE12800 device, I am trying to run this config. Beside a standart BGP process, I am using three community values to control traffic with my upstream provider. With 555 community value, I ...
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Is there any way to view the current queue size for a BGP neighbor in the Bird routing daemon?

Using a Cisco or Juniper routers you can see the size of the output queue value by showing the bgp summary. This information is also available when showing the detailed neighbor information. e.g. ...
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Setup the BGP + ospf network

I've the next Lab with GNS3 I have two autonomous systems(100,200), when the AS 100 run a OSPF with two areas, 0 and 1. The AS 200 has only a router and computer, so easy. But I don't know how to ...
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BGP: Are Virtual Internet Exchanges more efficient than normal internet transit?

There are a number of virtual internet exchanges that BGP peer over VPN links when local presence is not available. Given the IP encapsulation overhead, and the fact that these routes still cross the ...
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bgp and routing

I need a bit of help understanding what is going on in my topology. I really want to understand why i can ping from r4 but not from r5 or r6. Please help and advise me. Many thanks guys r1 ...
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Redirect Junos IP public -> IP private

we have an MX204 here that works as our BGP, border router and it is gateway of a service that has private IP, I need to access this service with private IP outside our network, you can tell me if I ...
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VXLAN working over IGP, but no NVE peers or EVPN routes in BGP

I'm an absolute beginner with NX-OS and VXLAN. I'm trying to set up a very simple configuration for VXLAN/EVPN/BGP. I have one NX-OSv spine and two leaf switches. No VPC, no anycast SVI. The ...
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Getting VRF to work (and some other questions)

I'm messing with BGP/MPLS for the first time and I have some doubts both in if I'm doing something wrong with my configuration and if it is the best approach, hope you guys can clarify me a bit here. ...
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EVPN+VxLAN strange silent host issue

EVPN+VxLAN very strange silent host issue I have very basic EVPN+VxLAN design where i used OSPF/Multicast/BGP/vPC technologies to build small size datacenter. L2VNI working great without any issue. I ...
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In Bgp TTL security all control packets will have configured hop value?

Topology: loop( - routerA ( ( routerB - loop( I have eBGP peering configured with a Multihop of 2 on both sides and static routes to reach loopbacks. ...
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Can BGP-LS provide an ip address as a node attribute when distributing IS-IS

I have an IS-IS network (all cisco) with a BGP router (cisco) that I am using to distribute the network link-state for monitoring / analysis. one thing I would like is to receive an IP address for ...
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Is there a way to check which routes are matched by a term in a routing map?

I have created a prefix-list and I am using it in a route-map. However, my route-map is not working as I expect it to work. ip prefix-list LIST_A seq 5 permit ge 32 route-map A-B-OUT ...
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Problem configuring L3VPN with MPLS, RSVP-TE, VLAN

We are having problems to configure a L3VPN in VIRL with an MPLS CORE NETWORK that uses RSVP-TE as label exchange protocol and IS-IS as IGP protocol. The idea is to distinguish different type of ...
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Best way to join VRFs using BGP when VRFs are on same PE

I have a Firewall that I need to use to join two different VRFs on service provider PEs. The EGP of choice is BGP. I have done a number of tests with different techniques, I have found two solutions ...
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BGP transitive attributes for single ASN multiple prefixes multiple neighbors

I believe I'm on the right track, but have stumble across something with advertising BGP prefixes to neighbors. I am wonder how if I have a single ASN with multiple prefixes ( and
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MPLS L3 VPNs and F5 Route Domains

I realize the F5 community might be the right place for this question, but this concerns routing design as opposed to an ADC design. We are planning to use F5's CGNAT module for NAT'ing our campus ...
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How to understand BGP Announcements on Cloudflare Radar?

See the "BGP Announcements" card on any AS page. Example: I fail to reproduce the same numbers with my own tool when I use a single location from ...
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Why CDN ASes are not shown in BGPreader?

I am using bgpreader as bgpreader -A "20940" -w 2023-7-28,2023-7-31 where ASN 20940 is Akamai (a CDN). I wanted to view RIB, updates involving this ASN. I couldn't find the result for other ...
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The Atomic Aggregate Attribute in BGP

I am trying to understand how the Atomic Aggregate attribute works in BGP. So if my understanding is correct, once we configure route summarization, the path attributes of those routes that we've ...
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IP subnet with extra information outside of BGP and RIPE database

I'm trying to look into the sources of some whois services that can provide more information than BGP and RIPE databases. Example: If I lookup the IP in I ...
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iBGP Question reagrding Distribute - List from EIGRP

So, I have the following topology. A-B | | C-D A-B-C-D are Routers. It doesn't matter what are the IP's of the interfaces. What matters is that I have 2 loopbacks for each router. and 11.11....
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