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Questions tagged [cisco-eem]

For questions about Cisco Embedded Event Manager.

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Built-in variable for cli commands in EEM (IOS-XE)

So i want to write an EEM that basically starts a seperate script where i check what user is logged on, to which group it belongs and then define if they can or cannot run the command. Example: event ...
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EEM Script Using Variables

I'm wondering if it's possible to build an EEM script that will shutdown, wait, and then enable a router interface based on a syslog message. I know I can get this to work if I specify the interface ...
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Event manager applet not getting recognized for Cisco ASA ver8.0

I need help as Event manager applet not getting recognized for Cisco ASA ver8.0. But for cisco ASA ver 9.6 it is working properly. Please advise BnglASA/pri/act(config)#Event manager applet ...
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Cisco ASA EEM Run command weekly

I'm currently looking into using the EEM for not yet defined tasks. It looks like I can only create events that run daily at a specific time or every x seconds (I guess I can build a weekly event with ...
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Blacklist CLI commands on a Nexus

Is there a way to make a Cisco Nexus 7k to reject a CLI command? Everyone knows about the impact, when you want to add a VLAN to a trunk, and if you forget the keyword aadd. If you do this with a ...
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2 answers

Equivalent Cisco EEM in Huawei

is there a Huawei feature works similar than Cisco EEM?? I want to shutdown an interface when a track goes down
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1 answer

Cisco EEM pass Syslog message to TCL script

I'm on a Cisco 1811 with IOS 15.1(3)T - yes it's really old, but that probably doesn't matter here. I have this TCL script that makes an HTTP POST to a destination and i want to pass in ANY Syslog ...
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EEM to send email for problematic IP address

After a day of super-slow network performance, I found that one computer was both uploading and downloading gigabytes of data. To find this, I had to pull up a list of the IP addresses by usage ,and ...
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time based interface shutdown on cisco router

Is there a way to shutdown an interface on a Cisco router based on time periods? I would like to shut the cellular interface when it is not necessary. Can this be done with the event manager and ...
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TCP Client / Server in Cisco EEM 3.0

I'm attempting to set up client / server sockets in Cisco EEM 3.0 TCL with IOS version 12.4(24)T8 (this was recently upgraded to determine whether the problem was EEM ver). I have the following two ...
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