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Cisco's next-generation firewall platform, which encompasses access policies, IPS functionality, URL filtering abilities, Malware filtering, and centralized management. Firepower Threat Defense 2100, 4100, and 9300 appliances are the primary hardware platforms, along with Firepower Management Center being the primary configuration utility.

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How can I deny or block an IP Address in Cisco FTD

I have a Cisco Firepower Threat Defense firewall. I want to Block an IP and add blocked ip into BlockedIp rule. How can I achieve it via Web Interface or REST API ? Thank you!
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Cisco FMC stuck on boot menu screen on eve-ng

Any time I restart Cisco FMC on eve-ng, it doesn't boot the default image. When I connect via VNC and press enter or type the image version to boot, it doesn't respond to laptop keystrokes . I was ...