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For questions about or involving Cisco Nexus 2000 fabric switch.

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Is there an acceptable ratio of pause frames? [closed]

At the risk of asking an opinion question, are there any guidelines/practices that specify a threshold where the number of pause frames indicates a problem? The ratio of transmitted pause frames to ...
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Cisco Nexus Fabric Extenders with 10G-SFP in path?

We are looking to deploy a new data center build-out with Nexus 7ks and Nexus 2ks(FEX). I know the Nexus 2ks come bundled with the Fabric Extenders to be used to uplink to the Nexus 7ks. Our plan ...
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What path does a packet follow through a Cisco Nexus 5k/2k infrastructure?

I was told by someone that a packet going between two hosts connected to the same Nexus 2k would end up being passed all the way up to the 5k that is managing said 2k for logic to be applied and then ...
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FEX 2248 private-vlan host association causes int to show "inactive"

When turning up a new port on a 2248 FEX, when the "private-vlan host association primary secondary" command is put on an interface BEFORE the server is cabled up, the interface goes into an "inactive"...
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Cisco 2148T FEX Port Capabilities Error

Does a Cisco 2148T FEX not support 100 Mb interface speed? When trying to manually configure a host port to run at 100/full on a 2148 FEX I receive an error that states: ERROR: Configuration does ...
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A FEX port remains inactive - how can I bring it up?

When implementing Cisco Nexus 5k switches (5596UP), I connected a server to a dual homed 2000 FEX (2232T), the port belonging to a virtual port channel. However, the port changed the status from ...
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Nexus 2000 pinning best practice

As many known the Nexus 2000 series is a switch which allows a distributed fabric in DC networks. Pinning Nexus 2000 is quite a breeze. I was looking to seek discussion and a general consensus on what ...
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