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What exactly is the purpose of/use case for VXLAN? [duplicate]

I understand what it does in that it creates an overlay layer 2 network over an underlay but when would you use it? What is the problem it’s solving?
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Data Centers vs Internet Data Centers (IDCs)

Are the terms data center and Internet Data Centers (IDCs) same or 2 different things. In some sources they mention that they are pretty much the same thing. But in some other sources they are ...
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Why Chassis MAC Address is used when advertising EVPN Type 5 routes

In case of EVPN Type 5 or IP Prefix routes advertisement why chassis MAC address or router MAC address is used in addition to VXLAN VNI? I guess VXLAN VNI is working on same principle like MPLS VPN ...
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Disable VLAN1 in Data Center environment - proper way to do this

please explain do I understand correctly disabling vlan 1 in DC environment I have network switch and few bare metal servers (image below). Servers are connected to the switch by utp cable. Now every ...
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Data Center Warm Disaster Recovery

We are planning to create a backup data center for warm disaster recovery. Critical services will be replicated on application level to the new data center, all other services will be backuped daily. ...
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Juniper QFX Site to Site VPN

Im trying to setup a site to site vpn between two Juniper QFX5110's. Each end of the link is on the same subnet (so directly connected switches over dark fibre). I have configured each physical ...
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Data Center migration

We have two data centers in different locations and we want to transfer DC2 (secondary Data Center) from location Y to location X where X is DC1 (Primary) location. The connection between both data ...
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Two Datacenter location with same BGP AS number

Currently we have DC-1 running eBGP with my ISP using AS:1111 and i have prefix and using BGP Default route because we have only single ISP. Now we are opening new Datacenter in remote ...
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Fat-Tree topology

Fat tree network topology looks like a tree topology like below figure. In tree topology, we have same terminologies like Root, parent, child etc. This is mainly used to connect a large number of ...
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