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Questions tagged [directed-broadcast]

For questions about IP directed broadcast, where An IP directed broadcast is an IP packet whose destination address is a valid broadcast address for some IP subnet but which originates from a node that is not itself part of that destination subnet. For instance, you are troubleshooting an issue where this function does not work.

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conntrack expectation on directed broadcast [closed]

I'm testing out a setup that I would reproduce in a production environment if I get it work. What I have: A wireless network An IoT device X in the wireless network A Teltonika router ...
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How to forward UDP unicast messages to multiple destinations [closed]

I am trying to forward a UDP Unicast message so that it cant be received by multiple computers. Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to accomplish this? Here are the details: There are ...
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Practical uses of directed broadcast

What are directed broadcast addresses used for in practice? To be clear, an example of a directed broadcast address is for the network On the other hand, the limited (or ...
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Can Directed Broadcasts be forwarded even if the destination is 2 hops away?

I was studying for the CCNA exam and I read this: " When a directed broadcast packet reaches a router that is directly connected to the destination network , that packet is broadcast on the ...
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directed broadcast ping on overlapping subnets

I have a router with 2 hosts connected to it. R: host 1: host 2: Host 1's directed broadcast IP is the same as host 2, so what happens if host 1 pings 192....
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Fortigate: enabling directed broadcast to broadcast conversion on last hop?

I'm not quite certain how to achieve the equivalent of ip directed broadcast with a FortiGate. In this case a FortiGate 60E with FortiOS 5.6.7. So I started to dig a little. QUESTION: Can anyone ...
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