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For questions about Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS), where it is an international telecommunications standard that permits the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer to an existing cable TV (CATV) system.

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How the DOCSIS is used? [closed]

How the DOCSIS is used in a company for example AT&T? I'm a Network Engineer and wanted to know more about DOCSIS but the Internet is not providing technically. So, can someone please share their ...
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Easier for Tx = Rx speeds with fiber than with DOCSIS or DSL?

I've noticed that upload speeds equal download speeds for fiber optic internet plans. Is it easier for Tx speeds = Rx speeds with fiber than with DOCSIS or DSL?
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What is the specification for max DOCSIS TLV length?

I'm trying to find the specification for a DOCSIS CM config file TLV length field. I'm assuming the length field is a single octet, which would mean the length would be 2^8-1 bytes long. However, I ...
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How are Upstream Frequencies assigned for Cable Modems? [closed]

For the past week I've had serious internet issues where people couldn't use my services because of packet loss and upload speeds plummeting to kbit/s resolution (0.09 mbit/s). I noted that one of my ...
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CMTS (DOCSIS 3.0) with CGN (CGNat)

For a new project/building I am working with the CMTS model MA5633-XB10 by Huawei. The usual way is done by implementing two DHCP servers in the same VLAN, from which the CPE gets the private IP ...
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How does DOCSIS relate to DVB-C

I'm new at telecommunications so this may be a simple question, but somehow I can't get my head around this. Can someone explain me in simple words how the terms DOCSIS and DVB-C are related? Both are ...
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If cable (coaxial cable TV / cable internet access) is shared, what is preventing DOS attacks? [closed]

If I simply blasted a continuous signal, wouldn't I make the entire network unusable?How do users (modems) even know when they can send their data (is something like CSMA/CD used?)?I assume there's a ...
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SNMP agent on embedded device, No such object available on this agent at this OID

SNMP agent on an embedded device. When I query SNMP device for the particular private enterprise OID object, it says "No such object available on this agent at this OID". snmpget -v2c -c public 10.x....
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How to create a DOCSIS network

I have two old cable modems I used to use with my ISP, they are no longer used because I upgraded my service to include VOIP. I was wondering what would be involved to create essentially a microcosm ...
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What does a modem actually know?

In a given setup: -> device 1 modem -> router -| -> device 2 Device 1 is wired and Device 2 is wireless. Does modem know the MAC addresses of devices 1 &...
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DOCSIS upstream frequencies

Currently, DOCSIS 3 uses 5-42 MHz for the upstream. For example, that means my cable modem is transmitting a signal down the copper at 5 MHz. The thing about coaxial networks is there's a single ...
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