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For questions about or involving documentation in relation to computer networking and network devices.

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Interpretation of the name of an ITU-T document

I'm reading a document that cites a standard called ITU-T SG 13 Q5 WG. I believe that SG 13 stands for Study Group 13 and Q5 refers to Question 5. However, I don't know what WG stands for. And most ...
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Managing overview of complex distributed network [closed]

I hope this question is not too stupid, I am very unexperienced with medium to large scale distributed network deployments. Imagine you have corporate datacenters and fragmented intranets distributed ...
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Empty mac address value [closed]

Is there some MAC address value, that can be used to denote that device does not have MAC set (something like for IP).? I thought of ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, but afraid that it could be meaningful ...
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Improving Network Flow Documentation in 3G->4G upgrade project

I just started on an upgrade project, 3G-> 4G, with network flow documentation in PNG, BMP and Visio files (500+ flows). The HLD and LLD documents have been written however it appears from reading ...
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Documenting Knowledge [closed]

I find a lot of people, as well as companies don't document their knowledge, or, do a poor job of it. I'd like to discuss what has been found to work well and not so well when it comes to doing this ...
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