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Can you have multiple paths in BGP through different ASes?

In a course about networks in my university, we learnt about how in BGP routes, each AS chooses a single route to each IP prefix (though you may have multiple iBGP routes). Meaning that in the ...
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The relationship between AS upstreams, downstreams and peers

I find AS1221 is both the upstream and the peer of AS13445 from However, as far as I know, there is no upstream or downstream relationship when talking about peering. Is anything ...
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Unable to configure BGP on Arista DCS-7048T-A

I am, admittedly, rather lacking in networking knowledge. However, I managed to learn quite a lot of server and development skills through trial & error and by asking various people/forums. I hope ...
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eBGP load balancing - why is it not use

I used to think that eBGP does not support load balancing but in Cisco there is the maximum-path parameter that enable ECMP / Fortigate has ebgp-multipath as well so that is obviously not the case ...
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