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BGP - How are loops avoided when they are not caused by an AS_PATH cycle?

The standard answer I am seeing for how eBGP avoids routing loops is that eBGP routers of an AS will check each AS_PATH that is advertised to them and will discard the path if it contains their own AS ...
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Is SHA authentication available for BGP?

Perhaps the question should be "Is SHA authentication available for the Cisco implementation of BGP" but just in case the limitation is somehow at the protocol level, I kept it general. The ...
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Are eBGP networks automatically advertised to iBGP?

as the title says, I am working with a rather simple topology: R1<--eBGP-->R2<--iBGP-->R3 R1 has an eBGP neighborship with R2. I recently added an iBGP session between R2 and R3 (both are ...
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Can you have multiple paths in BGP through different ASes?

In a course about networks in my university, we learnt about how in BGP routes, each AS chooses a single route to each IP prefix (though you may have multiple iBGP routes). Meaning that in the ...
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The relationship between AS upstreams, downstreams and peers

I find AS1221 is both the upstream and the peer of AS13445 from However, as far as I know, there is no upstream or downstream relationship when talking about peering. Is anything ...
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Unable to configure BGP on Arista DCS-7048T-A

I am, admittedly, rather lacking in networking knowledge. However, I managed to learn quite a lot of server and development skills through trial & error and by asking various people/forums. I hope ...
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eBGP load balancing - why is it not use

I used to think that eBGP does not support load balancing but in Cisco there is the maximum-path parameter that enable ECMP / Fortigate has ebgp-multipath as well so that is obviously not the case ...
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