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Use this tag for questions about Cisco's EIGRP - Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol.

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Dual-Hub DMVPN Outage

Our backup links have always utilized a GRE tunnel based VPN to a hub. Recently we installed a second hub and migrated the primary links to GRE tunnel based VPN with EIGRP to handle routing between ...
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DMVPN EIGRP routes not passing

I am having a problem with a DMVPN tunnel I recently created. I have done some torubleshooting on this and discovered the tunnel to be up between both sites, but they are not passing any traffic ...
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Redistribution Loops and Route Tagging

I've read that when we configure multipoint redistribution, it's a good idea to tag our routes to prevent them from being advertised from Protocol 1 - Protocol 2 - Back to Protocol 1. Source: ...
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Route-map to manipulate metric in EIGRP

I have following Setup R1 --- R2 --- R3 --- R4 --- R5 The same network is being advertised from R1 and R5. There is some difference in delay between the two paths R1-R2 and R4-R5. So the route from R1 ...
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Distribute list behavior on outgoing routing updates

i have this topology I'm studying route maps and pbr and distribution list , I advertise bunch of network address from R4 and R5 and R7 ,i managed to leverage route maps and distribute list to remove ...
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Can you filter specific prefixes from a redistributed EIGRP summary route?

Say I have an EIGRP router advertising the summary address and on a connected router I'm redistributing EIGRP routes into OSPF. Is there any way for me to only redistribute 192.168....
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Cisco ASA access-lists and net config

Here are my config to this network. I found the ASA doesn’t ping through each other. Also, when I type show crypto isakmp SA and IPSec Sa, it doesn’t show anything at all. Could you guys find what’s ...
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iBGP Question reagrding Distribute - List from EIGRP

So, I have the following topology. A-B | | C-D A-B-C-D are Routers. It doesn't matter what are the IP's of the interfaces. What matters is that I have 2 loopbacks for each router. and 11.11....
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Eigrp flapping while using natting with route map

I have configured a topology which contains ip sla , route map , dual natting.It work perfect but when I used route map natting the eigrp become flapping and show the error is "retry limit ...
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