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For questions about Environmental Monitoring, where you want to monitor the environment of your network equipment to make sure that power supply, temperature, fans etc. are working as intended.

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Cisco AS5300 high temperature issue?

Today I have configured SNMP sensors for the environment parameters on Cisco AS 5300, but I have get shocked that the system health temperature is 29C/84F and when I check the output from the device ...
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I would like to insulate for winter and allow cooling in the summer for some equipment that is in a building with no heat or AC

I have 2 sheds basically, one shed has a router (used as bridge) and a time clock. The time clock will be fine in the summer but in the winter I think I need some kind of insulation to protect it. (...
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Frost prevention for indoor router and cable modem

I'm working on a community wifi project for an impoverished settlement. We have a router and a cable modem installed in a container house, sometimes without heating for days. Both are designed for ...
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Chassis temperature and Fan status on Cisco 3548 switch

I need to remotely check the status of the fans and temperature of a switch that I currently do not have physical access to. I have done so in the past on a 2950 with the command: Show environment ...
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3750 Temperatures for same rack

I have 2 switches in the same rack AC room etc. WS-C3750V2-48TS TEMPERATURE is OK Temperature Value: 41 Degree Celsius Temperature State: GREEN Yellow Threshold : 66 Degree Celsius Red Threshold : ...
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Monitoring Network Traffic

I currently make use of a NETGEAR FVS338 firewall and a NETGEAR 24 port switch. Is there a way to graphically or in some way monitor their traffic? Edit: Switch Model FS726T
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