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Ethernet virtual circuits (EVCs) define a Layer 2 bridging architecture that supports Ethernet services.

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Cisco: Is it possible to see an EFP path within an EVC?

The topology diagram below shows multiple CPE devices, each has multiple WAN sub-interface that are dot1q tagged as VLAN 10 and 20 in this example. The PE ME3600 devices has an SVI with an IP address ...
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Why do all leaf nodes in an E-Tree service belong in the same subnet?

I'm studying the CCNA R&S at the moment and I'm a bit confused about why E-Tree services require all leaf nodes to belong in the same subnet, despite the leaves only being able to send layer 2 ...
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Untagged frame and VLAN-based Carrier Ethernet Service (eg EVP-LAN) [closed]

When sending an untagged frame over a VLAN-based Carrier Ethernet service (eg EVP-LAN), it requires a CE-VLAN ID (1-4094). Does it mean that an untagged frame becomes a tagged frame, or, an untagged ...
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how to limit or block broadcast traffic on ASR920 service instance EVC

I don't want to turn off all port, I want to block completly broadcast traffic, or the best to limit rate to 500 pps broadcast, all more to drop. Is there any way to do it on Cisco ASR920? I have ...
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snmp mib for monitoring service instance counters

in career ethernet switches like ME3600, we can configure EVC as defined in MEF. evc counters(service instance counters) are as follow: rx_green_frames; rx_green_bytes; rx_yellow_frames; ...
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