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For questions about Extreme Networks devices, many of them running EXOS.

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Private VLAN: gateway and DHCP for isolated VLANs over multiple switches (Extreme)

I'm using extreme network switches and have some networks that would benefit from isolation. The idea is to create a private vlan with isolated vlans, that span over multiple switches. The vlans have ...
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EXOS layer2 Configure on a Summit x440-G2-24p

I search since Days for a working configuration for a layer2 connection from another extreme switch to this switch. What I connected Physically on my Summit x440-G2-24p: the ethernet(lan) cable from ...
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Download ExtremeXOS

I need to update the extreme switch, I found a lot of instructions but I don't know where to download the latest version of extremeXOS. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
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Issue connecting two Extreme Networks 220 series switches together, with only one VLAN

I am in the AV field, which as a lot of IT folk know is becoming a lot closer with IT, but my networking knowledge is limited aside from the basics. We have a system in place with AV over IP devices,...
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