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For questions about failover in a network aspect. For instance, if you have a stack of switches and you have problems with master/slave failover or a Firewall setup with multiple hot standby's where it doesn't failover correctly. Failover can also be used in relation to a network design.

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Dual ISP NAT Failover Not Working

I have a Cisco 1841 router with an HWIC-4ESW switchport module attached to it. Fa0/0 is connected to ISP1 and Fa0/1 to ISP2 and both are "ip nat outside", the switchports are in interface Vlan 1, ...
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Using PBR or similar for an IP SLA for a C1111-8P-TLELA with a dynamic Cellular WAN IP

I am trying to get 4G Failover working on a Cisco C1111-8P-LTELA router. I have a known working solution that I usually use with IP SLA, and a local PBR route-map that forces traffic out of the ...
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Cisco ASA 5585-x Failover Virtual MAC address

I have configured Cisco ASA 5585-x with Active/Standby mode, cisco best practice saying you should use Virtual MAC address on interface to avoid traffic disruption when you do failover. now question ...
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How to keep the VRRP failover mechanism?

referring to the diagram below, we have 2 VLAN's for voice, primary route for VLAN1 (red) is the left side, and VLAN2 (green) is the right. As it stands we have a nice easy setup, where VRRP kicks ...
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ASA cluster with named interface running PPPoE

I am trying to configure an A/S firewall cluster, and I have the interface configured as a PPPoE client. When I try to configure the clustering on ASDM, I get a message saying that high availability ...
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pfSense: Bundling carp VIPs

When configuring Carp for pfSense as recommended by their guide, this issue appears: when pulling out the WAN cable (simulating, say, a cable failure, switch port failure, or network card failure), ...
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