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Questions tagged [fex]

For questions about or involving Fabric Extenders (FEX), which delivers an extensible and a scalable fabric that provides a flexible and comprehensive solution as part of Cisco Unified Fabric. It is typically used on Cisco Nexus switches.

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2 answers

Nexus 5500 FEX Support

This design guide on states the following: When uplinking to Nexus 5Ks, one topology option is to dual-home the physical Fabric Extender. Dual-homing a FEX provides path ...
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4 votes
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Is there any difference between 802.1Qbh NIV and 802.1 BR?

I believe NIV is 802.1qbh and 802.1BR seems to be just an advanced version of it. By simple looks, there doesnt seem to be much difference. Can someone please confirm this? And if there are any ...
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5 votes
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Cisco Nexus vpc card type mismatch

I have a pair of Nexus switches configured for vPCs. In several cases, it is working correctly: core01# sh vpc consistency-parameters int po40 Legend: Type 1 : vPC will be suspended in ...
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