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Questions tagged [fibrechannel]

For questions about Fibre Channel, a high-speed storage protocol and network technology (commonly running at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 128 gigabit per second rates) primarily used to connect computer data storage to servers. Only use this tag in relation to on topic network devices.

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iSCSI silent data corruption

I came across an interesting table with estimations of silent data corruption rate for different interfaces. SAS shows the best result when the built-in integrity control (DIF) is enabled: Interface ...
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HOW to FC SAN cord compatibility? Cisco FC switch (DS-X9448-768K9) and HP Proliant servers (360 g6, g7, 380 g8), with HP SN1100E 16Gbps HBA

I have obtained a couple of Cisco Fibre Channel switches (DS-X9448-768K9) in the 9700 MDS, which this being my first foray into constructing a SAN with a ZFS FreeBSD server, which I have ebay 'good ...
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Connect two Ethernet network devices with fibre cable

Having an ethernet crossover cable it is possible to make a lan, connecting both devices directly with no need of a router or switch. Of course it needs some configuration. The question is: Is it ...
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SFP modules and LC-to-LC patch panels?

Simply put, we are joining two sites that are 200m apart using 8 core OM4 Multimode fibre cable. Am I correct in understanding that lc patch panels on either end of the fibre cable are ok and that ...
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Which addresses are used in fcp header?

I have a little question . The src address and the dst adress are fcid ? Tnx
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SFP compatibility on QLogic FC HBA and Cisco FC SFPs

I do have a server featuring a dual port QLogic FC HBA supporting 2/4/8G interface speed. On the other end there is a Cisco Nexus 5020 with N5K-M1008 module supporting 1/2/4G interface speeds. This is ...
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Why doesn't Ethernet protocol support switch fabric topology?

While learning about Fibre Channel and SAN, I found the following information on IBM Knowledge Center: A switched fabric is a fibre channel topology in which individual node ports are ...
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2 answers

AOC cables for Brocade Fiberchannel

I have a FC switch from brocade with 16Gb ports and I want to connect to an array enclosure from another vendor. For internal requirements, it should be connected through twinax AOC cables. My problem ...
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FibreChannel topology

I trying to understand SAN topology. If we have fabric and fabric mode with auto data rate is set == means we will get F_ports, right? And if we need use 8G link from SAN storage and no fibre mode ...
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Data and Payload fields in Fibre Channel frame header

I came across this image of a FC frame header. I see that there are two fields, a 2112 byte data field and a 2048 byte payload field. I tried to read about how to distinguish among the two, but ended ...
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